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Cancun Travel Mart 2010

"The 23rd Cancun Travel Mart Mexico Summit, sponsored each year by the Cancun Hotel Association, will be held October 13, 14, 15, at the Cancun Convention Center. The "strictly business" format focuses on two (2) days of over 2,300 pre-scheduled business appointments between Buyers and Suppliers.

In addition to the pre-scheduled business appointments, the Cancun Travel Mart brings Tour Operators and Tourism Product & Services Buyers to Cancun from almost 20 countries for destination up-date reports, and hotel site inspections. The Event includes tourism destinations from all of Mexico, not just from Quintana Roo, the Riviera Maya, and the “Mexican Caribbean” region. In addition to Tour Operators, carefully qualified Meeting Planners also attend Cancun Travel Mart and receive VIP Site Inspections."

Detailed information is available on the web site:

*Information taken from oficial site.

Hasta La Vista...Impuestos

Beautiful beaches, magical ruins, modern shopping malls are not the only rewards of visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Besides that you can get back the taxes of almost all your shopping.

  • Shop at affiliated Tax Back stores, which you can identify by the Tax Back logo or display at the entrance of partner stores.
Tax Back Logo

  • Your purchases must be greater than $1,200.00 MX pesos (including VAT) and up to $3,000.00 MX pesos if paid in cash, or without limit if you pay with a credit card. You can also accumulate receipts from the same store during your trip.
  • Ask for your official invoice, please save all Official Invoices and credit card receipts.
  • Before going to the airport, make copies of your passport, boarding pass and FMM(Multiple Inmigration Form).
Present your Offcial Invoices from the stores at the TAX BACK module at the airport. (Terminal 2&3). You will be required to present the following documents:
  • Your Passport
  • Official Invoices and credit card receipts
  • If your purchase of goods exceeds the amount of $5,000.00 MX pesos you will be asked to show the purchases at the Tax Back office at the airport
  • Boarding pass
  • Account number, bank name, debit,services or credit card number where the reimbursement of the applicable taxes will take place.
When the above mentioned information is presented to Tax Back service executives, they will validate it and ask you choose one debit or credit card or bank account number to receive your tax back.

The reimbursement amount will be deposited 40 days after the presentation of the documents.You may track the status of it on our web site inputting the guide number at

  • Consumption and Services (Hotels,Restaurants, taxis, Airplane Tickets, etc)
  • Exotic animals :-) Just kidding
  • Food
  • Books
  • Medicines
  • Opened Liquor bottles

For further information call 01800.00.NOTAX or visit

If you found this words useful please feel free to donate a small part of what you are going to save :-) The funds you kindly donate us are for promotion and maintenance of the site . They are also used to visit new destinations. Please let us know your  comments.Thank you.

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The snack of the day: Tunaoil Sandwich

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the collapse of Deep Horizon rig, owned by British Petroleum, has apparently begun to directly affect Quintana Roo.

Yesteraday a citizen complained to a newspaper that a can of tuna purchased recently at a local supermarket had a strong unpleasant taste and the unmistakable smell of the fuel also known as black gold. The woman prepared a snack to send her daughter to school  when she noticed the smell, after tasting it she was sure the tuna was emanating the smell.

The young mother said she called the company (HERDEZ) to explain the situation on September 22nd but she never get a response so she threw away the content and the can which belonged to BATCH PH01352V with date of expiry May, 2014.

On June 27, 2010 Hector Hernández Pons Torres, president and CEO of Grupo Herdez, said in an interview with a newspaper in Mexico City that "Herdez Tuna is safe from oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by British Petroleum oil company and its supply is asssured".

Columbia Univeristy in New Yor City conducted an independent study which indicates that about 4.4 millions barrels of oil, equivalent to 715 million gallons, spilled into the Gulf of Mexico between April 22 and July 15, 2010.

To follow the Gulf of Mexico oil spill drama follow this link.